Monthly Archives: November 2014

Elisa’s Cleveland Bat Mitzvah

Elisa was so excited to share her Medieval Masquerade themed Bat Mitzvah celebration with all of her family and her best of friends. A rockin’ good time had by all!

Temple: Fairmount Temple, Beachwood, Ohio

Venue: The Ballroom at Park Lane Villa, Cleveland, Ohio

Party concept and illustrations by Nancy Schwartz-Katz

Event Planner: Party 411

Event Designer: Peiter Bousterese Studio

Entertainment: Rock the House

Elisa-102 Elisa-103 Elisa-104 Elisa-105 Elisa-106 Elisa-107 Elisa-108 Elisa-109 Elisa-110 Elisa-111 Elisa-112Elisa-1001 Elisa-1002 Elisa-1003 Elisa-1004 Elisa-1005 Elisa-1006 Elisa-1007DSC_7908Elisa-1011 Elisa-1012 Elisa-1013 Elisa-1014 Elisa-1015 Elisa-1016 Elisa-1017 Elisa-1018 Elisa-1019 Elisa-1020 Elisa-1021 Elisa-1022 Elisa-1023 Elisa-1024 Elisa-1025 Elisa-1026 Elisa-1027 Elisa-1028 Elisa-1029 Elisa-1030 Elisa-1031 Elisa-1032 Elisa-1033 Elisa-1034 Elisa-1035 Elisa-1036 Elisa-1037 Elisa-1038 Elisa-1039 Elisa-1040 Elisa-1041 Elisa-1042 Elisa-1043


Kristen + Tad’s Cleveland Wedding

Rain didn’t dampen the joy on Kristen and Tad’s autumn wedding day.  After the ceremony at Grace Church in Middleburg Heights, we headed to Wallace Lake in Berea, where Kristen and Tad had their first date and Tad had proposed.  I think that the drizzle stopped just for Kristen.

K&T-1006 K&T-1002 K&T-1004 K&T-1003 K&T-1005 K&T-1007 K&T-1008 K&T-1009 K&T-1010 K&T-1011 K&T-1012 K&T-1013 K&T-1014 K&T-1015 K&T-1016 K&T-1017 K&T-1018 K&T-1019 K&T-1020 K&T-1021 K&T-1022 K&T-1023 K&T-1024 K&T-1025 K&T-1026 K&T-1027 K&T-1028 K&T-1029 K&T-1030 K&T-1031 K&T-1032 K&T-1033 K&T-1034 K&T-1035 K&T-1036 K&T-1037 K&T-1038 K&T-1039 K&T-1040 K&T-1041 K&T-1044 K&T-1042 K&T-1043 K&T-1045 K&T-1046 K&T-1047 K&T-1048 K&T-1049 K&T-1050 K&T-1051 K&T-1052 K&T-1053 K&T-1054 K&T-1055 K&T-1056

And with a tall groom, sometimes the garter toss can go a little higher than usual.K&T-1057 K&T-1058 K&T-1059 K&T-1060 K&T-1061 K&T-1062 K&T-1063 K&T-1064