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Samantha + Scott | Engagement Session |Garrettsville, Ohio

Half the fun of being a wedding photographer is doing the engagement photo session. It is  a good time for me to get to know the couple and and for the couple to get used to being in front of a camera. When Scott and Samantha invited me to come out to Scott’s family property in Garrettsville, I was treated to acres and acres of beautiful land to hike through and to take a few photos where they got engaged. Plus the bonus of meeting Chloe the dog!

Glorioso_Photography_Sam+Scott_101 Glorioso_Photography_Sam+Scott_102 Glorioso_Photography_Sam+Scott_103 Glorioso_Photography_Sam+Scott_104 Glorioso_Photography_Sam+Scott_105 Glorioso_Photography_Sam+Scott_106 Glorioso_Photography_Sam+Scott_107Glorioso_Photography_Sam+Scott_115 Glorioso_Photography_Sam+Scott_108 Glorioso_Photography_Sam+Scott_109 Glorioso_Photography_Sam+Scott_110 Glorioso_Photography_Sam+Scott_111 Glorioso_Photography_Sam+Scott_112 Glorioso_Photography_Sam+Scott_114Glorioso_Photography_Sam+Scott_113






Windows on the River Wedding | Anna + Tim

Even though my first wedding of this year was back in February, when spring FINALLY arrives to Cleveland it feels like the big kick off to the wedding photography season. I was very excited to document Anna and Tim’s wedding day that began at St. Patrick’s in Ohio City.

Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_101 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_102 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_103

The girls arrived to the ceremony at St. Patrick’s Church by trolley.Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_104 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_105 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_106 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_107 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_108 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_109 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_110 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_111 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_112

The church was a stunner for Anna and Tim’s wedding ceremony. St. Patrick’s Church on Bridge in Cleveland was built in 1871 in the Gothic Revival style and the architecture was spectacular.Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_113 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_114

In Filipino wedding tradition, a young person is selected to be the coin bearer. Coins are blessed and given to the couple.Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_115 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_116 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_117 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_118 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_119 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_120 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_121

We headed out to do the post ceremony creative shots near by at Superior Viaduct and Edgerwater Beach locations.Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_122 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_124Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_123 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_125 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_126 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_127 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_128 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_129 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_130 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_131 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_132 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_133 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_134 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_135

There is this tradition in wedding photography that the groomsmen pick up the bride for a photo. Well, the bridesmaids thought it to be fun if they picked up the groom!Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_136


Anna and Tim’s reception was held at Windows by the River. I love capturing an evening of celebration and dancing. Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_138 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_139 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_140 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_141 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_142 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_143 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_144 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_145 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_146 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_147Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_137 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_148