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Downtown Cleveland Engagement |Sage and Ted

First summer engagement session on the first day of summer. Sage and Ted are in the middle of planning their December wedding at White Birch Barn in Medina. With a winter theme for their wedding day, they thought it would be awesome to do their engagement photos with a summer feel. Sage selected downtown Cleveland for their engagement session so it would be a nice contrast to their barn wedding.

Since weddings and events in Ohio have postponed because of Covid-19, getting back to photographing portrait sessions in June has been awesome! Sage and Ted were up for their engagement session on June 20th, but it wasn’t until we got downtown when I realized it was the summer solstice officially the first day of summer. The summery evening in Cleveland did not disappoint!

Sage suggested that this was a perfect spot for a dip. Engagement sessions are a great time to have some fun practicing it before the wedding day. Ted had his dip down!

Elizabeth Glorioso – Cleveland Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Gina + Matt | Cleveland Engagement Session

I love family weddings. I am so excited about Gina and Matt’s Cleveland wedding next July(and I am excited to attend as a guest!)  Gina is my lovely niece so I will attend her special day on the other side of the camera. I knew Gina and Matt were moving soon so I wanted  to create engagement photos for them that were ‘very Cleveland’.

Gina + Matt1001 Gina + Matt1002 Gina + Matt1003 Gina + Matt1004 Gina + Matt1005 Gina + Matt1006 Gina + Matt1007 Gina + Matt1008 Gina + Matt1009 Gina + Matt1010 Gina + Matt1011 Gina + Matt1012 Gina + Matt1013 Gina + Matt1014 Gina + Matt1015 Gina + Matt1016

Samantha + Scott | Engagement Session |Garrettsville, Ohio

Half the fun of being a wedding photographer is doing the engagement photo session. It is  a good time for me to get to know the couple and and for the couple to get used to being in front of a camera. When Scott and Samantha invited me to come out to Scott’s family property in Garrettsville, I was treated to acres and acres of beautiful land to hike through and to take a few photos where they got engaged. Plus the bonus of meeting Chloe the dog!

Glorioso_Photography_Sam+Scott_101 Glorioso_Photography_Sam+Scott_102 Glorioso_Photography_Sam+Scott_103 Glorioso_Photography_Sam+Scott_104 Glorioso_Photography_Sam+Scott_105 Glorioso_Photography_Sam+Scott_106 Glorioso_Photography_Sam+Scott_107Glorioso_Photography_Sam+Scott_115 Glorioso_Photography_Sam+Scott_108 Glorioso_Photography_Sam+Scott_109 Glorioso_Photography_Sam+Scott_110 Glorioso_Photography_Sam+Scott_111 Glorioso_Photography_Sam+Scott_112 Glorioso_Photography_Sam+Scott_114Glorioso_Photography_Sam+Scott_113






Stevanna and Eric’s Engagement session |Stan Hywet Hall | Cleveland Wedding Photographer |Elizabeth Glorioso

Into late autumn, Stan Hywet Hall in Akron, Ohio is still a picturesque location for engagement photos. Stevanna and Eric are excited about planning their ceremony and reception at Stan Hywet and wanted their engagement session in the gardens in the fall- a nice contrast from their summer wedding. With the 70+ acres of gardens and grounds, it is hard not to find beautiful compositions in Stan Hywet’s landscape. I can not wait to return to photograph the wedding this summer in such a gorgeous place with so much Akron history.

Stevanna_Eric_Glorioso Photography_0101 Stevanna_Eric_Glorioso Photography_0102 Stevanna_Eric_Glorioso Photography_0103 Stevanna_Eric_Glorioso Photography_0104 Stevanna_Eric_Glorioso Photography_0105 Stevanna_Eric_Glorioso Photography_0106 Stevanna_Eric_Glorioso Photography_0107 Stevanna_Eric_Glorioso Photography_0108 Stevanna_Eric_Glorioso Photography_0109 Stevanna_Eric_Glorioso Photography_0110 Stevanna_Eric_Glorioso Photography_0111 Stevanna_Eric_Glorioso Photography_0112


Anna and Tim | Cleveland Cultural Garden Engagement Session

I am looking forward to photographing Anna and Tim’s spring wedding in April, but it was also a lot fun to get some early fall photos outside in the Cleveland sunshine. I was excited that they selected the Cleveland Cultural Gardens for their engagement photo session. It is one of Cleveland’s true gems.

anna and tim_Glorioso Photography_1050 anna and tim_Glorioso Photography_1051 anna and tim_Glorioso Photography_1052 anna and tim_Glorioso Photography_1053 anna and tim_Glorioso Photography_1054 anna and tim_Glorioso Photography_1055Their adorable dog, Nelly had to join in on the photo fun!

anna and tim_Glorioso Photography_1057

anna and tim_Glorioso Photography_1058

The engagement photo session is a great time to make photographs that let your personalities shine through. anna and tim_Glorioso Photography_1059 anna and tim_Glorioso Photography_1060 anna and tim_Glorioso Photography_1061

Olmsted Falls Wedding | Brittany + Bill

With vintage style in mind, the historical downtown of Olmsted Falls was the perfect location for Brittany and Bill’s wedding. The Grand Pacific Chapel, built in 1851 as Methodist Episcopal Church, now serves as a non-denominational ceremony site for Cleveland weddings.

DSC_1255DSC_9718Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-102 Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-103 Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-104 Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-105 Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-106 Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-107 Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-108 Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-109 Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-110 Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-111 Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-112 Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-113 Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-114 Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-115 Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-116 Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-118Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-117 Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-119 Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-120 Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-121 Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-122

We did the post ceremony photo shoot by the water nearby and then walked around the historic places of downtown for additional photos of Olmsted Falls.
Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-125 Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-126 Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-127Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-123Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-129 Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-130 Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-131 Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-133

Peace, Love and Little Donuts of Cleveland’s Westpark did a fun wedding cake alternative,  a comic book theme for Bill(Captain America and Spiderman anyone?) and a topper for Brittany’s love of cats.Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-134

The attending wedding guests signed a Jenga piece for the newlyweds for them to remember all who celebrated with them at the reception.
Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-135 Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-136 Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-137 Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-138 Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-139 Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-141 Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-142 Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-143 Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-144 Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-145 Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-146 Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-147 Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-148 Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-149 Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-150 Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-151 Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-152 Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-153 Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-155 Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-156 Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-157 Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-158 Zakovec_Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-159

Mike and Erica’s Wedding|Gates Mills, Ohio

Mike asked to Erica to marry him on the 9th Street Pier in downtown Cleveland. The months of wedding planning went quickly and the big day arrived. Almost 400 guests, from as far as Italy, were to attend the ceremony at St. Francis of Assisi in Gates Mills on a beautiful day in June. A lovely wedding filled with family and faith.

Ceremony: St. Francis of Assisi, Gates Mills, Ohio

Reception: Hilton Double Tree, Beachwood, Ohio

Florist: Miklus Florist, Mayfield Hts, Ohio

DJ: Nick D’Bella, Cleveland, Ohio

Second Camera: Ryan Durdella

Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-102 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-103 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-104 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-105 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-106 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-107

Erica’s dad mentioned to me that there was a tradition of “Italian” fireworks before sending off his daughter to the wedding ceremony at the church.Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-108 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-109 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-110Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-113 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-111 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-112 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-114 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-115 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-116 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-117 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-118 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-119 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-120 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-122 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-123Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-121Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-125 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-126 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-127 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-128 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-129

After the wedding ceremony, we took a drive to Cleveland Cultural Gardens and Cleveland Museum of Art’s Wade Oval for some creative photos before kicking off the reception.

Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-130 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-131 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-132 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-133 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-134 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-135 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-136 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-137 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-138 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-139 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-140 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-141 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-142 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-143 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-144 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-145 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-146 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-147 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-148 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-149 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-150 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-151 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-152 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-153 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-154 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-155 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-156 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-157 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-158 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-159 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-160 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-161 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-162 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-163 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-164 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-165 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-166 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-167 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-168 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-169 Wedding_Glorioso_Photography_Cleveland-170

Kristen + Tad’s Cleveland Wedding

Rain didn’t dampen the joy on Kristen and Tad’s autumn wedding day.  After the ceremony at Grace Church in Middleburg Heights, we headed to Wallace Lake in Berea, where Kristen and Tad had their first date and Tad had proposed.  I think that the drizzle stopped just for Kristen.

K&T-1006 K&T-1002 K&T-1004 K&T-1003 K&T-1005 K&T-1007 K&T-1008 K&T-1009 K&T-1010 K&T-1011 K&T-1012 K&T-1013 K&T-1014 K&T-1015 K&T-1016 K&T-1017 K&T-1018 K&T-1019 K&T-1020 K&T-1021 K&T-1022 K&T-1023 K&T-1024 K&T-1025 K&T-1026 K&T-1027 K&T-1028 K&T-1029 K&T-1030 K&T-1031 K&T-1032 K&T-1033 K&T-1034 K&T-1035 K&T-1036 K&T-1037 K&T-1038 K&T-1039 K&T-1040 K&T-1041 K&T-1044 K&T-1042 K&T-1043 K&T-1045 K&T-1046 K&T-1047 K&T-1048 K&T-1049 K&T-1050 K&T-1051 K&T-1052 K&T-1053 K&T-1054 K&T-1055 K&T-1056

And with a tall groom, sometimes the garter toss can go a little higher than usual.K&T-1057 K&T-1058 K&T-1059 K&T-1060 K&T-1061 K&T-1062 K&T-1063 K&T-1064


Botzum Farmstead Wedding: Candace + Chad

It was farmstead wedding down to every detail. Candace and Chad had the most perfect autumn day for their October wedding. They were surrounded by family and friends there to share every moment and to enjoy a great party filled with laughter and fun.

CC-1002 CC-1003 CC-1004 CC-1005 CC-1006 CC-1007 CC-1008 CC-1009 CC-1010 CC-1012 CC-1013 CC-1014 CC-1015 CC-1016 CC-1017 CC-1018 CC-1019 CC-1020 CC-1021 CC-1022 CC-1023 CC-1024 CC-1025 CC-1027 CC-1028 CC-1029 CC-1030 CC-1031 CC-1032 CC-1033 CC-1034 CC-1035 CC-1036 CC-1037 CC-1038 CC-1039 CC-1040 CC-1041 CC-1042 CC-1043 CC-1044 CC-1045 CC-1046 CC-1047 CC-1048 CC-1049 CC-1050 CC-1051 CC-1052 CC-1053 CC-1054 CC-1055 CC-1056 CC-1057 CC-1059 CC-1061 CC-1062 CC-1063 CC-1064 CC-1065 CC-1066 CC-1067 CC-1068 CC-1069 CC-1070 CC-1072 CC-1073 CC-1074 CC-1075 CC-1076


Jourdan + Jake Cleveland Wedding

High school sweethearts, Jourdan and Jake are soul mates. The love of each other’s lives. From their son Jace with Jake on the alter to Grandpa giving Jourdan a last kiss before going down the aisle, the love of family and friends also shined throughout their wedding day.

JJ-1002 JJ-1003 JJ-1004 JJ-1005 JJ-1006 JJ-1007 JJ-1008 JJ-1009 JJ-1010 JJ-1011 JJ-1012 JJ-1013JJ-1015JJ-1016 JJ-1017 JJ-1018 JJ-1019 JJ-1020 JJ-1021 JJ-1022 JJ-1023 JJ-1024 JJ-1025 JJ-1026 JJ-1027 JJ-1028 JJ-1029 JJ-1030 JJ-1031 JJ-1032 JJ-1033 JJ-1034 JJ-1035 JJ-1036 JJ-1037 JJ-1038 JJ-1039 JJ-1040 JJ-1041 JJ-1042 JJ-1043 JJ-1044 JJ-1045 JJ-1046 JJ-1047