Kristen + Tad’s Cleveland Wedding

Rain didn’t dampen the joy on Kristen and Tad’s autumn wedding day.  After the ceremony at Grace Church in Middleburg Heights, we headed to Wallace Lake in Berea, where Kristen and Tad had their first date and Tad had proposed.  I think that the drizzle stopped just for Kristen.

K&T-1006 K&T-1002 K&T-1004 K&T-1003 K&T-1005 K&T-1007 K&T-1008 K&T-1009 K&T-1010 K&T-1011 K&T-1012 K&T-1013 K&T-1014 K&T-1015 K&T-1016 K&T-1017 K&T-1018 K&T-1019 K&T-1020 K&T-1021 K&T-1022 K&T-1023 K&T-1024 K&T-1025 K&T-1026 K&T-1027 K&T-1028 K&T-1029 K&T-1030 K&T-1031 K&T-1032 K&T-1033 K&T-1034 K&T-1035 K&T-1036 K&T-1037 K&T-1038 K&T-1039 K&T-1040 K&T-1041 K&T-1044 K&T-1042 K&T-1043 K&T-1045 K&T-1046 K&T-1047 K&T-1048 K&T-1049 K&T-1050 K&T-1051 K&T-1052 K&T-1053 K&T-1054 K&T-1055 K&T-1056

And with a tall groom, sometimes the garter toss can go a little higher than usual.K&T-1057 K&T-1058 K&T-1059 K&T-1060 K&T-1061 K&T-1062 K&T-1063 K&T-1064


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