Kyle + Nick | Bay Arts Wedding, Bay Village, Ohio

When I met with Kyle and Nick at their wedding consultation, I knew their casual and fun wedding with a bit of vintage style at BayArts would be a blast to photograph. BayArts was founded in Bay Village in 1948 by local crafters as an art community. The 124-year-old Fuller House on the property serves as the reception site for weddings with the front yard as the location for Kyle and Nick’s outdoor ceremony. 

Gibson-Goers-1007Gibson-Goers-2103wedding 1 Gibson-Goers-1052wed2 Gibson-Goers-1079wed3 Gibson-Goers-1141 Gibson-Goers-1148 Gibson-Goers-1161 Gibson-Goers-1171 Gibson-Goers-1183 Gibson-Goers-1191 Gibson-Goers-1194 Gibson-Goers-1219 Gibson-Goers-1291 Gibson-Goers-1309 Gibson-Goers-1312 Gibson-Goers-1316 Gibson-Goers-1328 Gibson-Goers-1334 Gibson-Goers-1335 Gibson-Goers-1390 Gibson-Goers-1398 Gibson-Goers-1416 Gibson-Goers-1424 Gibson-Goers-1473 Gibson-Goers-1490 Gibson-Goers-1523 Gibson-Goers-1546 Gibson-Goers-1564 Gibson-Goers-1567 Gibson-Goers-1610 Gibson-Goers-1720 Gibson-Goers-1765The reception got a little crazy when the Ghostbusters and T-Rex came to party!

Gibson-Goers-1933 Gibson-Goers-1960 Gibson-Goers-2073Gibson-Goers-2108Elizabeth Glorioso| Cleveland Wedding Photographer

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