Judith + Aaron | Lake Forest Country Club Wedding, Hudson Ohio

As I edit the beautiful photographs from Judith and Aaron’s wedding for their custom album, I realized that I hadn’t shared this gorgeous outdoor wedding on my blog. Lake Forest Country Club in Hudson is a unique wedding venue with a beautiful Tudor-style club house for the bride and groom to get ready with wooded landscaped grounds for a first look.

lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography101 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography102 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography103 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography104 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography105 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography106 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography107 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography108 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography109 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography111 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography112 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography113 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography114

With a light breeze, the weather was beautiful for their lake side ceremony at Lake Forest Country Club.

lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography115 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography116 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography117 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography118 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography119

Plantscaping did elegant centerpeices with florals in corals and pinks for the tables for the indoor reception. lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography120 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography121Koko bakery created a really tasty wedding cake! lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography122 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography123 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography124 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography125 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography126 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography127 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography128 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography129 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography130 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography131 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography132 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography133 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography134 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography135 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography136 With the sunset behind venue with the reception in full swing. Judith and snuck outside for an evening portrait with red and purple skies.lake forest country club wedding_Glorioso Photo138lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography139Elizabeth Glorioso | Cleveland Wedding Photographer

Portrait Surprise | Cleveland Family photography

I photographed Lainey for senior session at the end of the summer. We had a fun afternoon at Brecksville’s town square and the Cleveland Metroparks. After delivering her senior photo album, she dropped me an email. “Hey, I have an idea for a Christmas gift for my parents…” She went on to write that she would be going away to college and thought a portrait of her and her siblings would be an awesome surprise for mom and dad.

So a plan was hatched. Not only did Lainey book her photo session, but figured out an excuse to get everyone out of the house together, coordinated the sibling outfits and drove everyone to our shoot location at Coe Lake in Berea (Sorry, mom and dad Swings ‘N Things was just a diversion).

We scheduled her post consultation and she purchased her favorites for mom and dad. Lainey had worked all summer at Lumpy’s Ice Cream and saved her tips for Christmas presents. She wanted for her parents to have something special to mark this graduation year when all her and her siblings were all together. The photographs were presented in a slide show on Christmas Eve.

Here are a few of the favorites. sage-siblings-1014 sage-siblings-1042-2sage-siblings-1051 sage-siblings-1056-2 sage-siblings-1072-2 sage-siblings-1073-2sage-siblings-1053 sage-siblings-1083-2 sage-siblings-1086 sage-siblings-1094 sage-siblings-1100Outtake photos are sometimes the favorites. Totally the kids’ personalities shining!


Elizabeth Glorioso | Cleveland Family Photographer

Christmas Wedding in Cleveland | Dani & Mark

The twinkle lights. The Christmas snow.  Dani had to marry Mark in December. After all, it is her FAVORITE month!  Dani began her day getting ready for their ceremony at her mom and dad’s home before heading over to St. John Bosco in Parma Heights. Mom even decorated the house in red and silver, Mark and Dani’s wedding colors.danimarkglorioso-photography_100 danimarkglorioso-photography_101 danimarkglorioso-photography_102 danimarkglorioso-photography_105danimarkglorioso-photography_103 danimarkglorioso-photography_106 danimarkglorioso-photography_107 danimarkglorioso-photography_108 danimarkglorioso-photography_109 danimarkglorioso-photography_110 danimarkglorioso-photography_111 danimarkglorioso-photography_112 danimarkglorioso-photography_113 danimarkglorioso-photography_114 danimarkglorioso-photography_115 danimarkglorioso-photography_116 danimarkglorioso-photography_117 danimarkglorioso-photography_118 danimarkglorioso-photography_119 danimarkglorioso-photography_120 danimarkglorioso-photography_121 danimarkglorioso-photography_122

We headed downtown to Cleveland’s Old Courthouse and Public Square to do some post wedding ceremony portraits.danimarkglorioso-photography_123 danimarkglorioso-photography_124 danimarkglorioso-photography_125 danimarkglorioso-photography_126

The Old Courthouse is Cleveland’s premier historical landmark for wedding photographs. It’s stunning architecture and sweeping staircases are perfect for portraits.danimarkglorioso-photography_127 danimarkglorioso-photography_128 danimarkglorioso-photography_129 danimarkglorioso-photography_131 danimarkglorioso-photography_132 danimarkglorioso-photography_133 danimarkglorioso-photography_134 The elegant red and white roses were gorgeous bouquets for the bride and the bridesmaids for a winter wedding.danimarkglorioso-photography_135

The bride and the ladies wanted to do a riff on the movie poster from Bridesmaids.danimarkglorioso-photography_136 danimarkglorioso-photography_137

As we were finishing up downtown, the holiday lights seemed to turn on just in time for Mark and Dani. danimarkglorioso-photography_138 danimarkglorioso-photography_139 danimarkglorioso-photography_140 danimarkglorioso-photography_141 danimarkglorioso-photography_142

The reception at Carrie Cerino’s in North Royalton was very classic and beautifully lit for an evening of fun and dancing.danimarkglorioso-photography_143 danimarkglorioso-photography_144 danimarkglorioso-photography_145 danimarkglorioso-photography_146 danimarkglorioso-photography_147 danimarkglorioso-photography_148 danimarkglorioso-photography_149 danimarkglorioso-photography_150 danimarkglorioso-photography_151 danimarkglorioso-photography_152 danimarkglorioso-photography_153 danimarkglorioso-photography_154 danimarkglorioso-photography_155 danimarkglorioso-photography_156

And of course a dip and a kiss under the mistletoe to end the evening right!danimarkglorioso-photography_157Elizabeth Glorioso | Wedding Photographer

Kelsey + Robert | Farm Wedding Newbury, Ohio

I was very excited when Kelsey and Robert contacted me about their farm wedding. Spending the day documenting their wedding at the family’s horse property was a photographer’s dream.  Grassy fields, split-rail wood fences, a century farm house, golden hour sunlit portraits- what is not to love?

Wedding coordination: Katie Foulds Hopkins,  Kirkbrides, https://www.kirkbrides.com

Event Design/ Floral decor: Pieter Bouterse Studio

Lighting: Vincent Lighting

DJ/sound: Cleveland Music Group

Cake: DS Cakes and Sweet Cafe

kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_101 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_102 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_103 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_104 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_105 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_106 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_107 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_108 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_109 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_110 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_111 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_112 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_113 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_114 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_115 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_116 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_117 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_118 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_119 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_120 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_121 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_122 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_123 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_124 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_125 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_126 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_127 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_128 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_129 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_130 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_131 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_132 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_133 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_134 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_135 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_136 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_138 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_139 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_140 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_141 Stunning event and floral design transformed the horse arena to a gorgeous reception venue. kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_142 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_143 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_144 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_145

Placed on every table for guests, Burton maple syrup from Geauga county was the perfect wedding favor. kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_146 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_147 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_148 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_149 Instead of rushing through the formality, the bride and the groom took time to really enjoy the cake cutting!kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_150 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_151 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_152 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_153 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_154

The horse arena had custom flooring laid down to make it perfect for first dances and partying into the evening reception.  kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_156 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_157 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_158 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_159 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_160 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_161 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_162 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_163 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_164 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_165 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_166 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_167 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_169 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_170 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_171 kelseyrobert_glorioso-photography_172

Elizabeth Glorioso | Cleveland Wedding Photographer

Erin + Gary |Olmsted Falls Wedding

From the bridal bouquet to a the bubble exit, Erin and Gary had every detail planned for their wedding at Olmsted Community Church in Olmsted Falls.

Wedding Coordination: Meredith Masaveg, https://www.rainweddingplanning.com

Bridal Flowers: Sherri Swann, Blossoms and Bouquets by Sheri

Cake: Sweet Blessings Baking,  httpss://sweetblessingsbaking.com

Donuts: Becker’s Donuts,  https://www.beckers-donutsandbakery.com

Hair and Makeup: Bareface to Bombshell

Event Caterer: Verbas

Wedding Videography: Chris Tran, Chris Tran Productions, httpss://www.smartshoot.com/chris-tran

DJ: Jake Schwendiman, Flash and Sound Events, https://flashandsoundevents.com

erin-gary_glorioso-photography_101 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_102 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_103 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_104 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_105 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_106 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_107 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_108 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_109 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_110 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_111When couples decide not to do a first look, it is wonderful to do an exchange of personal letters to each other on the wedding day before the ceremony. It is a moment I love to capture as a photographer.

erin-gary_glorioso-photography_112 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_113 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_114

A ceremony of smiles and happy tears followed.erin-gary_glorioso-photography_115 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_116 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_117 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_118 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_119 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_120 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_121 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_122 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_123 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_124 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_125 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_126

The flower girl and ring bearer were rocking the portrait session!erin-gary_glorioso-photography_127

We began their portraits just outside of the church after the ceremony. Olmsted Falls has so many beautiful spots to choose from for wedding photographs.

erin-gary_glorioso-photography_128 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_129 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_130 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_131 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_132

We headed downtown just before the rain rolled in to do a short session at Cleveland Public Library.erin-gary_glorioso-photography_133 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_134 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_135 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_136


The reception at St Elias Church in Cleveland was the perfect venue for Erin and Gary’s celebration. Lovely uplighting filled the room along details of vintage dinnerware, custom etched toasting flutes and a yummy traditional wedding cake with some non-traditional donut touches. Mmmmm…donuts!
erin-gary_glorioso-photography_138 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_139 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_140 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_141 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_142 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_143 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_144 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_145 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_146

Guests enjoyed the selfie-sticks that were placed at the tables for fun candid photos!erin-gary_glorioso-photography_147 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_148 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_149 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_150 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_151 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_152 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_153 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_154 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_155 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_156 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_157 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_158

A bit of groom and  groomsmen cigar action at the end of the evening.erin-gary_glorioso-photography_159 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_160Cleveland Wedding Photographer | Elizabeth Glorioso Photography


Jordan + Nick’s Blair Center Wedding | Westfield, Ohio

I am not going to lie. It was hot. The heat did not seem matter to any one at  Jordan and Nick’s wedding( me included!) The sky was blue and it was a perfectly sunny day for an outdoor wedding ceremony at the Blair Center in Westfield, Ohio. I loved photographing at the Blair Center with its lush green golf course, stone bridges and a bride and groom with gorgeous smiles.

Jordan+Nick-1384 Jordan+Nick-1039 Jordan+Nick-1106 Jordan+Nick-1109

Jordan’s shoes were her “something blue” to wear going down the aisle.Jordan+Nick-1093 Jordan+Nick-1125 Jordan+Nick-1135Jordan helping Mom with her make-up before the ceremony.


Jordan+Nick-1117 Jordan+Nick-1121 Jordan+Nick-1127

Custom glasses for the bridesmaids from the bride for toasting.Jordan+Nick-1143 Jordan+Nick-1141 Jordan+Nick-1150 Jordan+Nick-1155 Jordan+Nick-1160 Jordan+Nick-1179 Jordan+Nick-1186 Jordan+Nick-1190 Jordan+Nick-1191 Jordan+Nick-1194 Jordan+Nick-1218 Jordan+Nick-1231 Jordan+Nick-1234 Jordan+Nick-1229 Jordan+Nick-1251 Jordan+Nick-1260 Jordan+Nick-1276 Jordan+Nick-1442 Jordan+Nick-1516 Jordan+Nick-1392 Jordan+Nick-1397 Jordan+Nick-1400 Jordan+Nick-1402 Jordan+Nick-1430 Jordan+Nick-1360

Groomsmen are all huge sport’s fans, especially of THE Ohio State University.Jordan+Nick-1350

Jordan+Nick-1017 Jordan+Nick-1063 Jordan+Nick-1044 Jordan+Nick-1050 Jordan+Nick-1459 Jordan+Nick-1056 Jordan+Nick-1467 Jordan+Nick-1483 Jordan+Nick-1498 Jordan+Nick-1507 Jordan+Nick-1502 Jordan+Nick-1524 Jordan+Nick-1528 Jordan+Nick-1551 Jordan+Nick-1596 Jordan+Nick-1634 Jordan+Nick-1673 Jordan+Nick-1679 Jordan+Nick-1721 Jordan+Nick-1083 Jordan+Nick-1076-2 Jordan+Nick-1728 Jordan+Nick-1734


Elizabeth Glorioso | Cleveland Wedding Photographer

Gina + Matt | Cleveland Engagement Session

I love family weddings. I am so excited about Gina and Matt’s Cleveland wedding next July(and I am excited to attend as a guest!)  Gina is my lovely niece so I will attend her special day on the other side of the camera. I knew Gina and Matt were moving soon so I wanted  to create engagement photos for them that were ‘very Cleveland’.

Gina + Matt1001 Gina + Matt1002 Gina + Matt1003 Gina + Matt1004 Gina + Matt1005 Gina + Matt1006 Gina + Matt1007 Gina + Matt1008 Gina + Matt1009 Gina + Matt1010 Gina + Matt1011 Gina + Matt1012 Gina + Matt1013 Gina + Matt1014 Gina + Matt1015 Gina + Matt1016

Amanda + Ryan | Cleveland Hilton Doubletree Wedding

Amanda and Ryan were both beaming. The wedding day had finally arrived and they were super excited to kick off their celebration. Every corner of their ceremony and reception space was filled with details that were so “them”. From Ryan’s love of the Cleveland Browns to Amanda’s love for pinball, every element was added to reflect their personalities and the life they will share together. It was a blast to photograph their wedding story.

Venue: Hilton Doubletree Cleveland, OH

Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_100 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_101 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_102

Amanda's "something blue" sewn inside of her wedding dress and close to her heart.

Amanda’s “something blue” sewn inside of her wedding dress and close to her heart.

Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_105 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_107 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_106 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_108 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_109 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_110 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_111 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_112 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_113 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_114 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_115 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_116 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_117 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_119

Cleveland Browns tailgating bus was fun transportation for the wedding party to get the to the photo locations.

Cleveland Browns tailgating bus was fun transportation for the wedding party to get to the downtown photo locations.

Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_121 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_123

We made a stop for post ceremony photos at Richland Cafe in Lakewood where Amanda and Ryan shared their first kiss

We made a stop for post ceremony photos at Richland Cafe in Lakewood where Amanda and Ryan shared their first kiss.

Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_125 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_127 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_128 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_129 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_130 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_131 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_132 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_133 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_134 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_135 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_136 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_137 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_138 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_139 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_140

Cleveland Hilton Doubletree was a lovely venue for Ryan and Amanda's reception.

Cleveland Hilton Doubletree was a lovely venue for Ryan and Amanda’s reception.

Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_142 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_143 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_144 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_145 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_146 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_147 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_148 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_149 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_150 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_151 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_152 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_153 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_154 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_155 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_156 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_157 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_158 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_159 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_165 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_168 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_160 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_161 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_162 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_163 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_164

Cleveland Pinball was happy to bring in a few pinball machines for wedding guests to play and ...for the bride and groom too!

Cleveland Pinball was happy to bring in a few pinball machines for wedding guests to play… and for the bride and groom too!

Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_166Elizabeth Glorioso | Cleveland Wedding Photographer


Megan+John |Cleveland Wedding

Rain held off just enough on Megan and John’s wedding day to make it a perfect spring afternoon to get married.  They selected Our Lady of Angels, a wonderful old Catholic church on Rocky River Drive in Cleveland for the ceremony to take place.

Ceremony venue: Our Lady of Angels, Cleveland, Ohio, Reception venue: St. Clarence Pavillon, North Olmsted, Ohio, Caterer: Ahern Catering, Floral design: Al Wilhelmy Flowers, Video: TKarla Productions, Hair Stylist: Carmen Grapentine, Makeup Artist: Makeup by Madison, Urban Oasis, Cake design: Michael Angelo’s Bakery, Entertainment: Marino Brothers

Megan+John_GloriosoPhotography_100 Megan+John_GloriosoPhotography_101 Megan+John_GloriosoPhotography_102 Megan+John_GloriosoPhotography_103 Megan+John_GloriosoPhotography_104 Megan+John_GloriosoPhotography_105 Megan+John_GloriosoPhotography_106 Megan+John_GloriosoPhotography_107 Megan+John_GloriosoPhotography_108 Megan+John_GloriosoPhotography_109 Megan+John_GloriosoPhotography_110 Megan+John_GloriosoPhotography_111 Megan+John_GloriosoPhotography_112 Megan+John_GloriosoPhotography_113 Megan+John_GloriosoPhotography_114 Megan+John_GloriosoPhotography_115 Megan+John_GloriosoPhotography_116

Wedding ceremony at Our Lady of Angels in Cleveland, Ohio

Wedding ceremony at Our Lady of Angels in Cleveland Ohio

Megan+John_GloriosoPhotography_118 Megan+John_GloriosoPhotography_119 Megan+John_GloriosoPhotography_120 Megan+John_GloriosoPhotography_121 Megan+John_GloriosoPhotography_122 Megan+John_GloriosoPhotography_123 Megan+John_GloriosoPhotography_124 Megan+John_GloriosoPhotography_125

Wedding party at Rocky River Park

Wedding party at Rocky River Park


Wedding portraits at Cleveland Public Library

Wedding portraits at Cleveland Public Library


Lovely wedding cake by Michael Angelo's Bakery in Broadview Heights

Lovely wedding cake by Michael Angelo’s Bakery in Broadview Heights

Megan+John_GloriosoPhotography_136Megan+John_GloriosoPhotography_137Megan+John_GloriosoPhotography_138Megan+John_GloriosoPhotography_139Megan+John_GloriosoPhotography_140Megan+John_GloriosoPhotography_141Megan+John_GloriosoPhotography_142Megan+John_GloriosoPhotography_143Megan+John_GloriosoPhotography_144Megan+John_GloriosoPhotography_145Megan+John_GloriosoPhotography_146Megan+John_GloriosoPhotography_147Megan+John_GloriosoPhotography_148Megan+John_GloriosoPhotography_149Posted by Elizabeth Glorioso | Cleveland Wedding Photographer

Samantha + Scott | Engagement Session |Garrettsville, Ohio

Half the fun of being a wedding photographer is doing the engagement photo session. It is  a good time for me to get to know the couple and and for the couple to get used to being in front of a camera. When Scott and Samantha invited me to come out to Scott’s family property in Garrettsville, I was treated to acres and acres of beautiful land to hike through and to take a few photos where they got engaged. Plus the bonus of meeting Chloe the dog!

Glorioso_Photography_Sam+Scott_101 Glorioso_Photography_Sam+Scott_102 Glorioso_Photography_Sam+Scott_103 Glorioso_Photography_Sam+Scott_104 Glorioso_Photography_Sam+Scott_105 Glorioso_Photography_Sam+Scott_106 Glorioso_Photography_Sam+Scott_107Glorioso_Photography_Sam+Scott_115 Glorioso_Photography_Sam+Scott_108 Glorioso_Photography_Sam+Scott_109 Glorioso_Photography_Sam+Scott_110 Glorioso_Photography_Sam+Scott_111 Glorioso_Photography_Sam+Scott_112 Glorioso_Photography_Sam+Scott_114Glorioso_Photography_Sam+Scott_113