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Equestrian Bat Mitzvah | Cleveland, Ohio

In Cleveland, I have photographed Mitzvahs with many unique themes. Amanda’s Equestrian-themed Bat Mitzvah celebration was something special.

Before her service, Amanda started her day with a portrait session at Temple Emanu El. Her smile and laugh was infectious. The service was lovely with a heart-felt speech from Amanda and special words from Mom and Dad. I love when I have the opportunity to photograph those moments!

The evening celebration was held at the Bertram Inn in Aurora. The ballroom sparkled with teal and purple decor. With Amanda’s love for horses in mind, the space had fabulous equestrian details designed by Whimzey Events . Horseshoe table cards greeted the guests at the entrance along with a special portrait of Amanda and her horse, Breezy. The kids’ tables had glittery horse and rider centerpieces while the adult tables had the adorable custom logo: Amanda’s Mane Event.

The party was filled with fun for the everyone. Rock the House rock it( of course!) with music, dancing and fun games for the kids. The photo booth was non-stop all with laughter especially with the addition of the equestrian-themed props. Particularly memorable, all the guests joined Amanda and her parents on the dance floor for the hora.

Amanda had a truly joyful celebration!

Bat Mitzvah girl Cleveland Ohio

Bat Mitzvah girl with tallis Cleveland Ohio

Grandparents presenting a special tallis for the Bat Mitzvah girl.

Bat Mitzvah girl on bimah Temple Emanu El Cleveland Ohio Bat Mitzvah girl with mom and dad Temple Emanu El Cleveland Ohio Bat Mitzvah girl with kippah Cleveland Ohio Bat Mitzvah girl on bimah Cleveland Ohio Bat mitzvah reading Torah Cleveland Ohio Bat Mitzvah girl Cleveland Ohio Bat Mitzvah girl Cleveland Ohio Bat Mitzvah service Orange Village Ohio Bat Mitzvah service Orange Village Ohio Bat Mitzvah service Orange Village Ohio Bat Mitzvah Equestrian Bertram Aurora Ohio Bat Mitzvah Equestrian Bertram Aurora Ohio Bat Mitzvah Equestrian Ballroom Bertram Aurora Ohio

Ballroom Bat Mitzvah Equestrian Bertram Aurora Ohio

Amanda’s tables were decorated especially with kids in mind.

Candy Bar Bat Mitzvah Bertram Aurora Ohio

The custom candy bar was filled with the Bat Mitzvah girl’s favorite treats.

Equestrian centerpiece Bat Mitzvah Bertram Aurora Ohio Equestrian centerpiece Bat Mitzvah Bertram Aurora Ohio Equestrian centerpiece Bat Mitzvah Bertram Aurora OhioEquestrian Bat Mitzvah Bertram Aurora Ohio Equestrian Bat Mitzvah Bertram Aurora Ohio Equestrian Bat Mitzvah Place cards Bertram Aurora Ohio Equestrian Bat Mitzvah Bertram Aurora Ohio Equestrian Bat Mitzvah Ballroom Bertram Aurora OhioBat Mitzvah portrait Bertram Aurora Ohio

Family photo in the ballroom at the Bertram Inn Aurora Ohio

A quick portrait with mom and dad before the party kicks off at the Bertram.

Equestrian Bat Mitzvah logo Bertram Aurora Ohio

A custom Bat Mitzvah logo for Amanda’s equestrian theme.

 Bat Mitzvah girl jump Bertram Aurora Ohio hula hoops Mitzvah party Cleveland Ohio Mitzvah Party Bertram Cleveland Ohio

Mitzvah introduction Bertram Aurora Ohio

Amanda was all smiles for grand entrance.

Mitzvah Party Cleveland Ohio Equestrian Mitzvah Party Bertram Cleveland Ohio kids photo mitzvah party Cleveland Ohio Mom and Dad Mitzvah Party Cleveland Ohio Mitzvah girl with friends Bertram Aurora Ohio Bat Mitzvah girl during Hora Cleveland Ohio dad during Hora Cleveland Ohio Mom during hora Cleveland Ohio Bat Mitzvah girl dancing at the Bertram Aurora Ohio Bat Mitzvah party Bertram Aurora Ohio

Mitzvah group portrait Bertram Aurora Ohio

Pals from the barn take center stage for a portrait with the Bar Mitzvah girl.

Mitzvah Photo booth Bertram Aurora Ohio

Are you kidding with these props?! Horses had to be a part of the photo booth.


Bat Mitzvah photo booth Bertram Aurora Ohio

Bat Mitzvah girl dancing at the Bertram Aurora Ohio Bat Mitzvah girl dancing at the Bertram Aurora Ohio Rock the House Bat Mitzvah Bertram Aurora Ohio Bat Mitzvah girl portrait at the Bertram Aurora Ohio

Clara’s Cleveland Snowboarding Bat Mitzvah

With joy and laughter, Clara was very prepared for her Bat Mitzvah rehearsal at Park Synagogue in Cleveland, Ohio.

Glorioso_Photography_Clara_101 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_102 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_103 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_104 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_105 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_106 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_107 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_108 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_109 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_110 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_111 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_112 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_113 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_114 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_116

There hasn’t been too much snow to photograph in Cleveland this winter, but Clara’s  Bat Mitzvah party that evening had plenty of winter-themed fun to shoot!

Event Design: Tariko Edwards Kendall, Whimzey Event Design, https://www.whimzeyllc.com

Music: Rock the House Entertainment, https://rthgroup.com

Glorioso_Photography_Clara_117 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_118 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_119 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_120 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_121 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_122 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_125 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_125b Glorioso_Photography_Clara_126 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_126b Glorioso_Photography_Clara_129 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_130 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_131 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_132 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_133 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_134 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_135 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_136 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_137 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_138 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_139 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_140 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_141 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_142 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_143 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_144 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_145 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_146 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_147 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_148 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_149 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_150 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_151 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_152 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_153 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_154 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_155 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_156 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_157 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_158 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_159 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_160 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_161 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_162 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_163 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_164 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_165 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_166 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_167 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_168 Glorioso_Photography_Clara_169


Elisa’s Cleveland Bat Mitzvah

Elisa was so excited to share her Medieval Masquerade themed Bat Mitzvah celebration with all of her family and her best of friends. A rockin’ good time had by all!

Temple: Fairmount Temple, Beachwood, Ohio

Venue: The Ballroom at Park Lane Villa, Cleveland, Ohio

Party concept and illustrations by Nancy Schwartz-Katz

Event Planner: Party 411

Event Designer: Peiter Bousterese Studio

Entertainment: Rock the House

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Jillian’s Cleveland Bat Mitzvah

Jillian’s wish came true. Surrounded by family and friends, she did an amazing job on her Bat Mitzvah. To celebrate, a party followed full of sports fun and colorful decor with the use of her favorite artist’s media – spray paint.

Temple: Chabad Jewish Center of Solon, Solon, Ohio
Party: Whirly Ball, Bedford Hts, Ohio
Event Planner: Momentum Events, Cleveland, Ohio
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