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Stevanna and Eric’s Engagement session |Stan Hywet Hall | Cleveland Wedding Photographer |Elizabeth Glorioso

Into late autumn, Stan Hywet Hall in Akron, Ohio is still a picturesque location for engagement photos. Stevanna and Eric are excited about planning their ceremony and reception at Stan Hywet and wanted their engagement session in the gardens in the fall- a nice contrast from their summer wedding. With the 70+ acres of gardens and grounds, it is hard not to find beautiful compositions in Stan Hywet’s landscape. I can not wait to return to photograph the wedding this summer in such a gorgeous place with so much Akron history.

Stevanna_Eric_Glorioso Photography_0101 Stevanna_Eric_Glorioso Photography_0102 Stevanna_Eric_Glorioso Photography_0103 Stevanna_Eric_Glorioso Photography_0104 Stevanna_Eric_Glorioso Photography_0105 Stevanna_Eric_Glorioso Photography_0106 Stevanna_Eric_Glorioso Photography_0107 Stevanna_Eric_Glorioso Photography_0108 Stevanna_Eric_Glorioso Photography_0109 Stevanna_Eric_Glorioso Photography_0110 Stevanna_Eric_Glorioso Photography_0111 Stevanna_Eric_Glorioso Photography_0112