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Cleveland Wedding | Lindsey + Stephen

I was excited to photograph Lindsey and Stephen’s wedding story. They are the cutest match! They have a shared love for the Cleveland Indians, Ohio State Buckeyes and their two fur babies, Buckeye and Brutus.

Lindsey arrived with her bridesmaids at her parish, St. Anthony of Padua Church in Parma. She shared moments with her dad before the ceremony while Stephen spend time with his groomsmen. They had a traditional Catholic wedding ceremony, with family and friends all smiles. Afterwards, we headed to the Cleveland Museum of Art and Cleveland Botanical Gardens for wedding portraits and time with the bridal party. The wedding reception that evening was held at Saint Clarence Pavilion in North Olmsted, complete with a sparkler exit at the end of the night.

wedding party Cleveland Botanical Garden

The wedding party at the Cleveland Botanical Garden in front the the reflecting pool.

Wedding rings with succulent plant

Bride with father Cleveland Ohiobride with father Cleveland Ohio

Groom getting ready Cleveland Ohio Bridal bouquet Cleveland Ohio flower girls Cleveland Ohio bride getting ready Cleveland Ohio bride walking down the aisle Parma Ohio ng down the aisle Parma Ohio ng down the aisle Parma Ohio Wedding Ceremony St Anthony of Padua Church Parma Ohio Wedding Bubble Exit Parma Ohio Wedding Bubble Exit St Anthony Church Parma Ohio Bride with flower girls Wedding Parma Ohio

Bride and groom had their dogs brought to church after the ceremony. Stephen talking over photos with Brutus.

Bridal Party at Cleveland Museum of Art Groom with his groomsmen at the Cleveland Botanical GardenGroom at Cleveland Museum of Art Bride at Cleveland Museum of Art Bridal Bouquet at Cleveland Museum of Art

Bride and Groomat the Cleveland Botanical Garden

Portraits taken in the cool shade of the Japanese Garden at the Cleveland Botanical Garden.

Bride and Groom at the reflecting pond at the Cleveland Botanical Garden

The one of the centerpieces of the Cleveland Botanical Garden is the 74 foot-long reflecting pool.

Bride and groom at the Cleveland Botanical Garden

Wedding Cleveland Botanical Garden

The spacious English herb garden with its formal design makes for a beautiful location for wedding portraits.

Wedding portraits at Rose garden at the Cleveland Botanical Garden

Even in the fall, the English Garden still had a few roses in bloom.

Bride and groom at Japanese Garden Cleveland Botanical Gardenbride and groom kiss at Japanese Garden Cleveland Botanical GardenWedding portraits at Japanese Garden Cleveland Botanical Garden bride and groom at sunset Cleveland Ohio bride and groom at sunset Cleveland Ohio bride and groom at sunset Cleveland Ohio

Detail of their custom engraved wedding flutes. perfect for toasting.

First dance Saint Clarence North Olmsted Ohio

First dances at the wedding reception at St. Clarence Pavilion in North Olmsted

Twinkle lights for a romantic background during Lindsey and Stephen’s dance.

naked wedding cake Cleveland Ohio

Hummingbird Bake Shop made a fabulous naked wedding cake.

Groom’s socks with their dogs, Brutus and Buckeye.

Stephen’s surprise for Linsdey: a groom leisure suit complete with pink Parma flamingos.

Sparkler exit wedding North Olmsted Ohio

The evening ends with a sparker exit at the reception.

Wedding kiss Sparkler exit wedding North Olmsted Ohio

And a dip and a kiss!

Elizabeth Glorioso | Cleveland Wedding Photographer

Creating Stress-Free Wedding Photos

Weddings are supposed to be joyous occasion, but too often, the stress of ensuring the day goes off without a hitch takes its toll on the happy couple.  Brides and grooms, take a deep breath, relax and actually live in the moments that represent the start of your life with your partner. With these simple tips, you can help your wedding photographer capture the true beauty of the day.

Bride and Groom Cleveland Botanical Garden

Cleveland Botanical Garden is a gorgeous location for wedding portraits any time of year.

Pick a venue that represents you.

Do you want a formal country club affair or is a more relaxed park setting more your speed? Pick a location that will make you feel like yourself and don’t let others pressure you into having your wedding where they want you to.

Wedding ceremony Ariel International, Cleveland, Ohio

Wedding ceremony at Ariel International, Cleveland, Ohio

Wedding reception Mapleside Farm Brunswick Ohio

First dance at a wedding reception at Mapleside Farm, Brunswick, Ohio

Bride and groom at Lake Forest Country Club

A quick kiss after signing the Ketubah for a Jewish wedding ceremony at Lake Forest Country Club in Hudson, Ohio

Don’t over-schedule your day.

Don’t try to fill your schedule so tight with everything you think you need to do. Make sure you leave time to enjoy all aspects of your day. A relaxed bride is a happy bride, after all.

Bride and Groom Stan Hywet Hall Akron Ohio

We found a lovely spot in Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens in Akron Ohio on a rainy wedding day.

Bride and Groom at Smart Space Cleveland Ohio

Finding beautiful light for a portrait outside of SmArt Space at West 78th Street Studios in Cleveland, Ohio.

Allow enough time for formal shots.

Make sure you leave enough time for formal shots; you know, the ones you have to have because your parents and grandparents insist. Think about how many groups you want to capture and factor in about two to three minutes per group. Oh, and add a buffer for Aunt Sally’s bathroom break, a flower girl or ring bearer having a meltdown, and a bridesmaid looking for her bouquet. Allowing enough time for these shots gives your photographer the extra time to make sure the veil is perfect, the boutonnieres are straight, everyone is smiling and as a result, the shot turns out perfect!

Portraits taken at Cleveland Courthouse

No need for a long shot list.

You don’t want your wedding photographer checking off a to-do list versus capturing moments as they happen naturally. A shot list that merely states “1. Photo of the Bride. 2. Photo of the Groom 3. Photo of the Bridal Party,” etc., is obvious to your professional photographer and isn’t needed.  A more helpful is a short list that includes “key players” and a few must-have shots. A handkerchief handed down from your great-grandmother that you are carrying down the aisle. A close aunt who traveled for special for your wedding day. A bridesmaid or family member can be helpful point out to that special person to photographer.

Wedding dress with blue bridesmaid dresses

The wedding dress along side the teal bridesmaid dresses at hung in a window at Tudor House in Akron, Ohio

Wedding rings with succulent plant

A lovely wedding ring detail in the succulent plant table center piece.

engraved wedding flutes Cleveland Ohio

Custom engraved champagne flutes for toasting at the reception.

Pick only one or two special locations for creative photos.

Going with our theme of “less is more”, don’t try to get pictures at every attraction in the city. Pick a couple that are the most meaningful to you and let your photographer work his or her magic.

Bride and Groom Westfield Ohio

Bride and Groom Cleveland Ohio

Bride and Groom Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Cleveland Ohio

Most importantly, congratulations on finding the love of your life! After all, that’s really what the day is all about.

Elizabeth Glorioso | Cleveland Wedding Photographer


Alissa + Mike | Springlake Wedding, Lakemore, Ohio

Alissa and Mike found the perfect location for their outdoor ceremony. When we met a few months before their wedding day, they were so excited they found the perfect venue. I couldn’t wait to see it!

Just south of Akron, Springlake Party Center is located in Lakemore, Ohio. Springlake provides a lovely backdrop with beautiful lakeside views.  Along with the gazebo for the ceremony, the venue has landscaped grounds for portraits. (Definitely a big plus for the wedding photographer!)

Alissa got ready with her bridesmaids at the Marriott in downtown Akron. First, I started to document all the beautiful details. The glittery shoes. The sparkling bridal jewelry. And that  bridal veil. It was extra special. Alissa’s mom had the veil made from her wedding dress. After we finished photos, I headed to ceremony. I caught up with the groom getting ready for the ceremony with his family.

With clouds overhead getting darker as the ceremony ended, we squeezed in the last portraits before the down pour. The rain didn’t matter. Even with the storm threatening overhead, Alissa’s sweet personality and Mike’s good sense of humor, they had the perfect wedding day.

It was a pleasure to document their moments and watch the day unfold.

Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio101

Bride and groom enjoy a laugh during the portrait session.

Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio102

Pink rose petals made a pretty background for the wedding rings.

Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio103 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio104 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio105 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio106 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio107 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio110 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio111 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio112 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio113 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio114 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio116 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio117 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio118 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio119 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio120 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio121 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio122 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio123 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio124 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio125 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio126 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio127 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio128 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio129 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio130 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio131 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio132 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio133 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio134 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio135 Springlake party center_wedding_akron_ohio136Elizabeth Glorioso | Cleveland and Akron Wedding Photographer

Amy + Taryn | Mapleside Farm Wedding Brunswick, Ohio

Amy and Taryn selected a wedding venue with the most fantastic countryside view in Ohio. Mapleside Farm is a small apple farm located just south of Cleveland. With a picturesque views of the orchards in the valley below, the ceremony took place on the sunny hilltop next to the barn. Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography196

Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography140 Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography141Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography143Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography144Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography145Amy+Taryn-1057 Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography146 Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography147 Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography150 Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography151Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland_Glorioso Photography149 Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography152 Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography153 Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography154 Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography155 Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography156

The Barn at Mapleside was designed with wedding receptions in mind so it had wonderful rustic charm, but a great seating for dinner and dancing. Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography157 Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography158 Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography159 Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography160 Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography161 Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography162 Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography163 Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography164 Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography165 Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography166 Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography167 Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography168 Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography169 Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography170 Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography172 Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography173 Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography174 Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography175 Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography176 Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography177 Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography178wedding farm Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography179 Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography180 Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography182 Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography183 Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography184 Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography185 Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography186 Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography187 Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography189 Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography190 Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography192 Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography193 Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography194With such a lovely view outside of the barn, we stepped away from the reception for a few moments to get a sunset portrait of the bride and groom.
Mapleside Farm wedding_cleveland ohio_Glorioso Photography195Elizabeth Glorioso | Cleveland Wedding Photographer

Kyle + Nick | Bay Arts Wedding, Bay Village, Ohio

When I met with Kyle and Nick at their wedding consultation, I knew their casual and fun wedding with a bit of vintage style at BayArts would be a blast to photograph. BayArts was founded in Bay Village in 1948 by local crafters as an art community. The 124-year-old Fuller House on the property serves as the reception site for weddings with the front yard as the location for Kyle and Nick’s outdoor ceremony. 

Gibson-Goers-1007Gibson-Goers-2103wedding 1 Gibson-Goers-1052wed2 Gibson-Goers-1079wed3 Gibson-Goers-1141 Gibson-Goers-1148 Gibson-Goers-1161 Gibson-Goers-1171 Gibson-Goers-1183 Gibson-Goers-1191 Gibson-Goers-1194 Gibson-Goers-1219 Gibson-Goers-1291 Gibson-Goers-1309 Gibson-Goers-1312 Gibson-Goers-1316 Gibson-Goers-1328 Gibson-Goers-1334 Gibson-Goers-1335 Gibson-Goers-1390 Gibson-Goers-1398 Gibson-Goers-1416 Gibson-Goers-1424 Gibson-Goers-1473 Gibson-Goers-1490 Gibson-Goers-1523 Gibson-Goers-1546 Gibson-Goers-1564 Gibson-Goers-1567 Gibson-Goers-1610 Gibson-Goers-1720 Gibson-Goers-1765The reception got a little crazy when the Ghostbusters and T-Rex came to party!

Gibson-Goers-1933 Gibson-Goers-1960 Gibson-Goers-2073Gibson-Goers-2108Elizabeth Glorioso| Cleveland Wedding Photographer

Judith + Aaron | Lake Forest Country Club Wedding, Hudson Ohio

As I edit the beautiful photographs from Judith and Aaron’s wedding for their custom album, I realized that I hadn’t shared this gorgeous outdoor wedding on my blog. Lake Forest Country Club in Hudson is a unique wedding venue with a beautiful Tudor-style club house for the bride and groom to get ready with wooded landscaped grounds for a first look.

lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography101 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography102 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography103 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography104 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography105 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography106 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography107 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography108 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography109 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography111 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography112 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography113 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography114

With a light breeze, the weather was beautiful for their lake side ceremony at Lake Forest Country Club.

lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography115 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography116 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography117 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography118 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography119

Plantscaping did elegant centerpeices with florals in corals and pinks for the tables for the indoor reception. lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography120 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography121Koko bakery created a really tasty wedding cake! lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography122 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography123 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography124 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography125 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography126 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography127 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography128 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography129 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography130 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography131 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography132 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography133 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography134 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography135 lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography136 With the sunset behind venue with the reception in full swing. Judith and snuck outside for an evening portrait with red and purple skies.lake forest country club wedding_Glorioso Photo138lakeforest country club wedding_Glorioso Photography139Elizabeth Glorioso | Cleveland Wedding Photographer

Erin + Gary |Olmsted Falls Wedding

From the bridal bouquet to a the bubble exit, Erin and Gary had every detail planned for their wedding at Olmsted Community Church in Olmsted Falls.

Wedding Coordination: Meredith Masaveg, https://www.rainweddingplanning.com

Bridal Flowers: Sherri Swann, Blossoms and Bouquets by Sheri

Cake: Sweet Blessings Baking,  httpss://sweetblessingsbaking.com

Donuts: Becker’s Donuts,  https://www.beckers-donutsandbakery.com

Hair and Makeup: Bareface to Bombshell

Event Caterer: Verbas

Wedding Videography: Chris Tran, Chris Tran Productions, httpss://www.smartshoot.com/chris-tran

DJ: Jake Schwendiman, Flash and Sound Events, https://flashandsoundevents.com

erin-gary_glorioso-photography_101 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_102 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_103 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_104 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_105 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_106 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_107 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_108 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_109 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_110 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_111When couples decide not to do a first look, it is wonderful to do an exchange of personal letters to each other on the wedding day before the ceremony. It is a moment I love to capture as a photographer.

erin-gary_glorioso-photography_112 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_113 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_114

A ceremony of smiles and happy tears followed.erin-gary_glorioso-photography_115 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_116 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_117 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_118 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_119 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_120 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_121 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_122 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_123 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_124 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_125 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_126

The flower girl and ring bearer were rocking the portrait session!erin-gary_glorioso-photography_127

We began their portraits just outside of the church after the ceremony. Olmsted Falls has so many beautiful spots to choose from for wedding photographs.

erin-gary_glorioso-photography_128 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_129 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_130 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_131 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_132

We headed downtown just before the rain rolled in to do a short session at Cleveland Public Library.erin-gary_glorioso-photography_133 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_134 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_135 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_136


The reception at St Elias Church in Cleveland was the perfect venue for Erin and Gary’s celebration. Lovely uplighting filled the room along details of vintage dinnerware, custom etched toasting flutes and a yummy traditional wedding cake with some non-traditional donut touches. Mmmmm…donuts!
erin-gary_glorioso-photography_138 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_139 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_140 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_141 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_142 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_143 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_144 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_145 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_146

Guests enjoyed the selfie-sticks that were placed at the tables for fun candid photos!erin-gary_glorioso-photography_147 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_148 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_149 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_150 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_151 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_152 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_153 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_154 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_155 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_156 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_157 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_158

A bit of groom and  groomsmen cigar action at the end of the evening.erin-gary_glorioso-photography_159 erin-gary_glorioso-photography_160Cleveland Wedding Photographer | Elizabeth Glorioso Photography


Jordan + Nick’s Blair Center Wedding | Westfield, Ohio

I am not going to lie. It was hot. The heat did not seem matter to any one at  Jordan and Nick’s wedding( me included!) The sky was blue and it was a perfectly sunny day for an outdoor wedding ceremony at the Blair Center in Westfield, Ohio. I loved photographing at the Blair Center with its lush green golf course, stone bridges and a bride and groom with gorgeous smiles.

Jordan+Nick-1384 Jordan+Nick-1039 Jordan+Nick-1106 Jordan+Nick-1109

Jordan’s shoes were her “something blue” to wear going down the aisle.Jordan+Nick-1093 Jordan+Nick-1125 Jordan+Nick-1135Jordan helping Mom with her make-up before the ceremony.


Jordan+Nick-1117 Jordan+Nick-1121 Jordan+Nick-1127

Custom glasses for the bridesmaids from the bride for toasting.Jordan+Nick-1143 Jordan+Nick-1141 Jordan+Nick-1150 Jordan+Nick-1155 Jordan+Nick-1160 Jordan+Nick-1179 Jordan+Nick-1186 Jordan+Nick-1190 Jordan+Nick-1191 Jordan+Nick-1194 Jordan+Nick-1218 Jordan+Nick-1231 Jordan+Nick-1234 Jordan+Nick-1229 Jordan+Nick-1251 Jordan+Nick-1260 Jordan+Nick-1276 Jordan+Nick-1442 Jordan+Nick-1516 Jordan+Nick-1392 Jordan+Nick-1397 Jordan+Nick-1400 Jordan+Nick-1402 Jordan+Nick-1430 Jordan+Nick-1360

Groomsmen are all huge sport’s fans, especially of THE Ohio State University.Jordan+Nick-1350

Jordan+Nick-1017 Jordan+Nick-1063 Jordan+Nick-1044 Jordan+Nick-1050 Jordan+Nick-1459 Jordan+Nick-1056 Jordan+Nick-1467 Jordan+Nick-1483 Jordan+Nick-1498 Jordan+Nick-1507 Jordan+Nick-1502 Jordan+Nick-1524 Jordan+Nick-1528 Jordan+Nick-1551 Jordan+Nick-1596 Jordan+Nick-1634 Jordan+Nick-1673 Jordan+Nick-1679 Jordan+Nick-1721 Jordan+Nick-1083 Jordan+Nick-1076-2 Jordan+Nick-1728 Jordan+Nick-1734


Elizabeth Glorioso | Cleveland Wedding Photographer

Amanda + Ryan | Cleveland Hilton Doubletree Wedding

Amanda and Ryan were both beaming. The wedding day had finally arrived and they were super excited to kick off their celebration. Every corner of their ceremony and reception space was filled with details that were so “them”. From Ryan’s love of the Cleveland Browns to Amanda’s love for pinball, every element was added to reflect their personalities and the life they will share together. It was a blast to photograph their wedding story.

Venue: Hilton Doubletree Cleveland, OH

Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_100 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_101 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_102

Amanda's "something blue" sewn inside of her wedding dress and close to her heart.

Amanda’s “something blue” sewn inside of her wedding dress and close to her heart.

Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_105 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_107 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_106 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_108 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_109 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_110 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_111 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_112 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_113 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_114 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_115 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_116 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_117 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_119

Cleveland Browns tailgating bus was fun transportation for the wedding party to get the to the photo locations.

Cleveland Browns tailgating bus was fun transportation for the wedding party to get to the downtown photo locations.

Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_121 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_123

We made a stop for post ceremony photos at Richland Cafe in Lakewood where Amanda and Ryan shared their first kiss

We made a stop for post ceremony photos at Richland Cafe in Lakewood where Amanda and Ryan shared their first kiss.

Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_125 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_127 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_128 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_129 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_130 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_131 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_132 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_133 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_134 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_135 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_136 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_137 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_138 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_139 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_140

Cleveland Hilton Doubletree was a lovely venue for Ryan and Amanda's reception.

Cleveland Hilton Doubletree was a lovely venue for Ryan and Amanda’s reception.

Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_142 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_143 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_144 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_145 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_146 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_147 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_148 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_149 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_150 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_151 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_152 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_153 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_154 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_155 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_156 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_157 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_158 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_159 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_165 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_168 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_160 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_161 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_162 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_163 Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_164

Cleveland Pinball was happy to bring in a few pinball machines for wedding guests to play and ...for the bride and groom too!

Cleveland Pinball was happy to bring in a few pinball machines for wedding guests to play… and for the bride and groom too!

Amanda+Ryan_GloriosoPhotography_166Elizabeth Glorioso | Cleveland Wedding Photographer


Windows on the River Wedding | Anna + Tim

Even though my first wedding of this year was back in February, when spring FINALLY arrives to Cleveland it feels like the big kick off to the wedding photography season. I was very excited to document Anna and Tim’s wedding day that began at St. Patrick’s in Ohio City.

Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_101 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_102 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_103

The girls arrived to the ceremony at St. Patrick’s Church by trolley.Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_104 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_105 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_106 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_107 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_108 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_109 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_110 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_111 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_112

The church was a stunner for Anna and Tim’s wedding ceremony. St. Patrick’s Church on Bridge in Cleveland was built in 1871 in the Gothic Revival style and the architecture was spectacular.Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_113 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_114

In Filipino wedding tradition, a young person is selected to be the coin bearer. Coins are blessed and given to the couple.Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_115 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_116 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_117 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_118 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_119 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_120 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_121

We headed out to do the post ceremony creative shots near by at Superior Viaduct and Edgerwater Beach locations.Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_122 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_124Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_123 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_125 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_126 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_127 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_128 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_129 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_130 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_131 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_132 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_133 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_134 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_135

There is this tradition in wedding photography that the groomsmen pick up the bride for a photo. Well, the bridesmaids thought it to be fun if they picked up the groom!Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_136


Anna and Tim’s reception was held at Windows by the River. I love capturing an evening of celebration and dancing. Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_138 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_139 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_140 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_141 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_142 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_143 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_144 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_145 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_146 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_147Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_137 Glorioso_Photography_Anna+Tim_148