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Creating Stress-Free Wedding Photos

Weddings are supposed to be joyous occasion, but too often, the stress of ensuring the day goes off without a hitch takes its toll on the happy couple.  Brides and grooms, take a deep breath, relax and actually live in the moments that represent the start of your life with your partner. With these simple tips, you can help your wedding photographer capture the true beauty of the day.

Bride and Groom Cleveland Botanical Garden

Cleveland Botanical Garden is a gorgeous location for wedding portraits any time of year.

Pick a venue that represents you.

Do you want a formal country club affair or is a more relaxed park setting more your speed? Pick a location that will make you feel like yourself and don’t let others pressure you into having your wedding where they want you to.

Wedding ceremony Ariel International, Cleveland, Ohio

Wedding ceremony at Ariel International, Cleveland, Ohio

Wedding reception Mapleside Farm Brunswick Ohio

First dance at a wedding reception at Mapleside Farm, Brunswick, Ohio

Bride and groom at Lake Forest Country Club

A quick kiss after signing the Ketubah for a Jewish wedding ceremony at Lake Forest Country Club in Hudson, Ohio

Don’t over-schedule your day.

Don’t try to fill your schedule so tight with everything you think you need to do. Make sure you leave time to enjoy all aspects of your day. A relaxed bride is a happy bride, after all.

Bride and Groom Stan Hywet Hall Akron Ohio

We found a lovely spot in Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens in Akron Ohio on a rainy wedding day.

Bride and Groom at Smart Space Cleveland Ohio

Finding beautiful light for a portrait outside of SmArt Space at West 78th Street Studios in Cleveland, Ohio.

Allow enough time for formal shots.

Make sure you leave enough time for formal shots; you know, the ones you have to have because your parents and grandparents insist. Think about how many groups you want to capture and factor in about two to three minutes per group. Oh, and add a buffer for Aunt Sally’s bathroom break, a flower girl or ring bearer having a meltdown, and a bridesmaid looking for her bouquet. Allowing enough time for these shots gives your photographer the extra time to make sure the veil is perfect, the boutonnieres are straight, everyone is smiling and as a result, the shot turns out perfect!

Portraits taken at Cleveland Courthouse

No need for a long shot list.

You don’t want your wedding photographer checking off a to-do list versus capturing moments as they happen naturally. A shot list that merely states “1. Photo of the Bride. 2. Photo of the Groom 3. Photo of the Bridal Party,” etc., is obvious to your professional photographer and isn’t needed.  A more helpful is a short list that includes “key players” and a few must-have shots. A handkerchief handed down from your great-grandmother that you are carrying down the aisle. A close aunt who traveled for special for your wedding day. A bridesmaid or family member can be helpful point out to that special person to photographer.

Wedding dress with blue bridesmaid dresses

The wedding dress along side the teal bridesmaid dresses at hung in a window at Tudor House in Akron, Ohio

Wedding rings with succulent plant

A lovely wedding ring detail in the succulent plant table center piece.

engraved wedding flutes Cleveland Ohio

Custom engraved champagne flutes for toasting at the reception.

Pick only one or two special locations for creative photos.

Going with our theme of “less is more”, don’t try to get pictures at every attraction in the city. Pick a couple that are the most meaningful to you and let your photographer work his or her magic.

Bride and Groom Westfield Ohio

Bride and Groom Cleveland Ohio

Bride and Groom Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Cleveland Ohio

Most importantly, congratulations on finding the love of your life! After all, that’s really what the day is all about.

Elizabeth Glorioso | Cleveland Wedding Photographer